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About Us

Founded by an auto enthusiast in 1965, TCS (Torque Converter Specialist) has since became a leading manufacturer of performance transmission parts. Over the years, we have acquired tremendous amount of CNC Machining knowledge and experience. Our mission is to assist you in meeting your requirements and challenges.

We specialize in contract manufacturing for a wide range of industrial applications. Our customers  rely on our ability to provide them with the highest quality services and on-time delivery for every job. 

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Quality Management

In addition to ISO 9001:2015 certification, TCS leverages our knowledges in the automotive industry and utilizes Automotive Quality Core Tools from AIAG. By focusing on practical solutions, TCS is a proud certified partner for customers in various industries:

 - Energy (Oil, Gas and Mining)

 - Forestry

 - Military Defense

 - Aerospace

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